You know, deep inside, that you are here to make a difference.

And yet, you still struggle with the voices:

The ones that say you care too much.

You love too much.

You’re too different.

And, in the quiet stillness of the night when you are feeling most alone, sometimes you wonder, “Is there something wrong with me?”

But what if all these things are part of what make you so right?

Imagine yourself: strong, flexible, and powerful. You walk with confidence. Both men and women are naturally drawn to you. Opportunities seem to appear as if by magic, and you welcome both challenges and the satisfaction of accomplishment.

And your “secret weapons” that make it happen?

Your caring.

Your love.

Your difference.

All you need is someone to show you the way.

If you are ready to let go of those voices and claim your life, I can help.

There was a click of connection and the perfect outcome for support

While at times I felt I needed to explain myself to feel understood, or clarify where you were coming from, we always seemed to come to a place of connection and understanding. For instance, in our follow up session, at first it felt like it was skimming the surface a bit. However, as the energy between us swirled, there was a click of connection and the perfect outcome for support was reached. I always felt that you were in the game and getting intuitive hits as well as sharing framework and cognitive shifts that were helpful.

I appreciated your thoughtful email responses that helped me continue to refine how I worked with new insight and redirected me to the perspective shifts we had talked about in our session.

While I’ve done a considerable amount of inner work on my own and with other avenues when appropriate, I do feel I gained unique perspectives that gave me a new way to work with my experience. In particular the framework of complete compassion and patience was presented in a light that fit for what I’m working on right now.

This is the first time I had signed on for support in this structure model. The first day intensive, follow up call and ongoing email support fit very well with what I’m needing right now. I had shied away from support that was offered as a commitment to X number of weekly sessions over a period of time. That has been necessary in the past, but didn’t feel right now.

I would encourage anyone that is looking for a deep hit of awareness and inner work followed by support while they integrate that experience into their daily life to check out your service.

As an added bonus, I’ve been toying with changing or adding options to they way I deliver service and this gave me first hand experience of this method. Thanks!

Christi Jarland

Intuitive Coach & Mentor