• I remember checking my email before going to work on a normal September morning and seeing a few messages from my friend, Chuck. The subject line of the most recent one was, “TWO planes?!”
  • I remember sitting in one of the portables at the high school back in January, watching CNN10 with the class as the reporter talked about a new virus that seemed to have originated in the Chinese town of Wuhan.
  • I remember the first moment I ever saw the man who would become my husband, standing next to a mutual friend on the other side of the room.
  • I remember my son’s face, so small and innocent, full of pure joy and wonder as I carried him in my arms through softly falling snow. Even now, I look at the towering teenager he has become, and I still see that child in his eyes.
  • What else can I do to honor my dreams and aspirations?
  • How much more deeply can I allow myself to feel? Not to wallow or drown, but to allow my sorrows and fears space to breathe, bringing them forth into the light and warmth of Love eternal.
  • How can I be an inspiration to others, helping them remember their own strength and joy?

Life is messy. Life is kind of crazy and can break your heart. But it’s also beautiful and magnificent and broken and sublime, and I am grateful to be alive.